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iber hendrerit lectorum augue at consuetudium. Nunc exerci insitam litterarum nisl ut. Qui tation feugiat zzril ad saepius.

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the ‘YELLOW’ wedding {scott&shadei}

hey!!! ...every December i spent 1-2 weeks with werner {my awesome boyfriend} & his family at the beach! last year {2011}... i got this AMAZING project to design & style scott&shadei's ENTIRE wedding!!!! EEEEEEEK! ...i was SO excited & decided to ...

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Hello world!

I AM EXCITED !!! this should've been done 2 YEARS ago...haha!!! but rather late than NEVER :) ... I have been blessed with SO MUCH success, that I literally haven't had time to 'show-off' all of the beautiful things me+my ...