My Beautiful Life Planner -Printable



  • pdf format to print at home
  • artwork is sized on A4’s 
  • you can print it A4 size OR select to print 2 pages on an A4 to be A5 size & cut in half ( normal A4 cartridge paper will work great )
  • artwork is in black, print in black / greyscale at home too to safe on ink costs 
  • this is a LIFE planner + journal ( goal setting / daily gratitude / meal planner )
  • 12 months undated ( *START using your planner ANYTIME of the year !)
  • full page per day ( remember to print multiple, as much as is needed, per month ) There is only 2 facing pages per month in your pdf file ( otherwise you will have a MASSIVE file… wink-wink & maybe you want to print your copies on a weekly basis or as needed )
  • extras : monthly pages, planning, adventures, finance, time + inspiration inserts
  • perfect for any woman’s lifestyle ( corporate / business / mom / creative etc. )


How will I receive my download?
1 – Once purchased online, you will receive an order confirmation email. 

2 – You will also receive a separate email with a link that you will click to download the zipped file for this printable. 

3 – Unzip the zipped file to have your PDF files.

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We have had our Beautiful Life Planner available for almost 3 years & we were blown away when everything sold out in record time last year December’18. We have had so many clients asking for a copy after everything sold out. Some started asking for a printable… I have put a lot of thought into going digital with it for a limited time because we sold out & decided that if I can inspire & help more woman in this way too, then it’s TOTALLY worth a shot. So here we go… a PDF copy in printable format so that you can print it at home! This printable will only be available for the first few months of 2019. ( it’s undated, so if you stumble upon our little place here on the interwebs later this year… you can still start using it anytime of the year! )

EVERY TIME you purchase something from, I do a little happy dance because you are supporting a small business with a big dream… & it means that I can grow & create even more beautiful products for you guys! Please be kind and encourage your friends to purchase a download of their own use if they love yours. Don’t be THAT guy who just sends it to everyone… rather support. We’d love to see how you use your products & printables! Tag @ilovemstudio on Instagram!


• ©2019 All rights reserved.
• For personal use only. It is unlawful to print multiples and distribute for any reason (whether they are free or for purchase).
• Kindly do not forward the download on to anyone else, other than the email address used to purchase. Please be kind and encourage your friends to purchase a download for their own use if they love yours!


Our beautiful life planner is dedicated to all the women…

Your hearts bring kindness & order to the world. You fulfill so many powerful roles & constantly give more to others than you do to yourself. When we make time to live more organized & plan purposefully, it allows us to focus on the things that really matter… things that make us the happiest. When we make time to do what we love & enjoy most, everyday ends up being a wonderful & beautiful day!

This journal is a tool that will help you plan & live the most beautiful life ever – because you deserve it! It will help you train your brain to focus on the right things, it will help you to live with a grateful heart each day and reach your goals even when you feel that you do not know how you will get there… because ‘little-by-little’ it all adds up! I have designed it to fit any woman’s lifestyle… whether you are an entrepreneur, a full time mom or have a career in the corporate business world – you will love using our planner !


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