Sonskyn // designer frame with blue block lenses

Sonskyn // designer frame with blue block lenses


*Thank you for your purchase on this product…  This is a certified optometrist product. NB* we will personally keep you updated & communicate dispatch on this item, as it might take 1-3 weeks from date of purchase if stock is low.

I’m so excited to share this beautiful collaboration product with you! I teamed up with the optometrists from HELLO BRIL to create a range of stylish frames with optometrist approved blue block lenses to suit your lifestyle. ( I want you to feel beautiful wearing them and at the same time have protection for our eyes. )

VISION is a BLESSING. Let’s be grateful for our eyes! Every day we get to SEE everything beautiful in our life & all that surrounds us… nature, flowers, sunsets, the moon & stars… The ones we love so dearly, color, spaces & places, things that make us happy & things that inspire us. Let’s take care of this amazing sense we’ve been blessed with!


We live in a modern time, completely surrounded by screens… technology is part of our daily lifestyle. Our eyes process +/- 36 000 bits of information every hour & we spend an average of 8-9 hours in front of digital devices each day ( computers, phones, tablets, tv screens ) …this leads to overexposure of blue light from digital devices.

Naturally, our eyes aren’t able to block the blue light from digital devices… just like you need help to block UV rays with sunglasses, we need blue block lenses to protect our eyes from blue light. Blue block lenses can improve your sleep, reduce eye strain & assist with less headaches.


  • Designer frame with blue block lenses coating.
  • Optometrist approved.
  • Perfect to use with contact lenses.
  • Includes a FREE case for your frame. ( perfect when traveling )
  • Includes a FREE lens cleaning cloth.


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